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How do I get access off-campus?

383 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on May 03, 2022    Off campus access

Update Spring 22: Off campus access is back to full speed! Off campus access is automatic for current student, faculty and staff. When you are trying to access a library resource off-campus, you will need to authenticate through the BU Library Proxy.  Your username will be the same username that you have for email.  Do not include "" in your username.  Your password will be the same as ... read more

Can I print on campus?

305 views   |   1   0   |   Last updated on Oct 07, 2021    Printing

Printers are available on both campuses BUC - printers in building A* BUK - printers in the basement computer labs  *Remember that we are discouraging people from congregating on campus for non-essential purposes, so make your decisions according to your campus guidelines. $40 printing credit is automatically added to your PaperCut printing account on July 1 of each year.  All printing has to be p... read more

What are the library hours?

282 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jul 24, 2020    Hours

The library hours are posted on the homepage of the website - check there to see regular hours for the quarter, breaks, and any holiday closures.  The library homepage will also provide alerts for unexpected closures, and how services are accessible during adverse weather events and during the Covid campus restrictions.... read more

How do I get full text of an article?

276 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 08, 2020    Full text

We have around 13 million research articles already covered by our subscriptions, you can get to the full text of the articles we subscribe to by looking for the following icons when searching our databases:        Click on either of the buttons to search our subscriptions for full text;  you will be taken to a screen that will let you know if we have full text.   If we have the text, there will b... read more

How can faculty or staff place orders for textbooks and other items available in the bookstore?

275 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Dec 01, 2020   

With few exceptions, the library is no longer buying required textbooks. See the Faculty Course Reserves page for details.For supplemental resources, complete the form on the faculty portal. Click on course management/my courses/course options/course textbooks/add textbook and fill out the form. The library will receive a copy from the bookstore.  ... read more

How do I request an article through interlibrary loan? 

267 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 20, 2020    Help Full text article Research Circulation

If you need an article that isn't covered by our current subscriptions, you can request the full text here: Article Request Form You can also request articles directly through our databases. If you find an article that isn't covered under our license, in most databases you will be offered the opportunity to request the article directly.  (zl) ... read more

Where can I get help with APA?

266 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 09, 2020    APA

The Library has adapted an APA Citation Guide from Columbia College BC, and Seneca College Libraries and features several popular help resources such as: How to cite specific types of information  (Books & eBooks, Images, Journal Articles and Websites) How to cite in-text How to format your reference lists An APA sample paper with appendices Information on annotated bibliographies For more gener... read more

How can I recommend a new book or resource for the library to purchase?

264 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 21, 2021   

To submit a recommendation, go to the BU Library Catalog Home Page. Sign in with your library login (It may be different than your BU login if you changed it) and click on the bottom left hand corner link, Your Purchase Suggestions. Then click on New Purchase Suggestion to enter the information you know (title, author and other information such as ISBN). If you have further questions, contact the ... read more

Where can I access Visual Veggies and  Food Processor?

262 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Apr 20, 2021   

The computer lab in Kenmore has Visual Veggies and Food Processor - note, the software is technically called RD Exam, so look for that name if you don't see Visual Veggies! The Food Processor software is available on the computer lab computers at BUC ... read more

Does the library have all my textbooks?

258 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 21, 2021    Textbook

The library may carry copies of texts that are referred to in your courses. Instructors have to let the library know to put these items "on reserve." This allows students to check out most textbooks for 2 hours (overnight if it is 2 hours or less before closing time) and bring them back so that others in the class have the opportunity to use them too.   However - the library should not be relied o... read more

How can staff and faculty put an article on course reserve?

253 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Nov 25, 2020   

Articles should be posted directly on your Canvas page. Best practice is to provide the full citation, and a proxied link to the full text. If you're not sure whether it falls under Fair Use, fill out the Fair Use Checklist form first and keep a copy for your records. For Canvas questions, contact Ann Kenady, senior instructional designer. -MM... read more

How do I search for print and single title eBooks (not medical textbooks) & other resources such as DVDs?

251 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 21, 2021    ebooks DVDs

You can search the BU Library catalog to look for print books, single title eBooks, DVD's and other resources (except for journal articles and medical textbooks as e-books). Keyword searching is the most flexible. To search for medical textbooks in electronic format, see this FAQ. -SB... read more

How do I search for journal articles?

250 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 21, 2021   

From the Library homepage, click the Databases tab on the left menu. Search alphabetically for the database of interest. If you're not sure, click the down arrow above the A-Z list to see databases grouped by subject. There is a description of every database below it If you need to brush up on your search skills, see this tutorial. Still need help? Contact a librarian from the library homepage. -S... read more

How do I find medical textbooks in eBook format? 

248 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Nov 24, 2020    Textbook ebooks

From the library homepage, click eBooks (to the right of the menu). The default search is Title Starts with. For a more flexible search, click the down arrow and select, Title Contains  all Words. You can also search for eBooks directly in Access Medicine and Clinical Key ebook collections below the search box. -SB... read more

As a graduate of Bastyr, will my professional organizations have free research?

244 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Dec 01, 2020   

They usualy have limited free research and it's a good place to keep connected with your field. Also, network with your colleagues and at conferences. See the Professional Associations tab for your particular program on the Alumni Homepage. -MM... read more

Is this article scholarly? How do I tell if an article is peer-reviewed?

243 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 09, 2020    scholarly article

One quick and relatively fail-safe way to become a little more educated on the pedigree and quality of a particular journal is to look it up in Ulrich's Web: Global Serials Directory.  UlrichsWeb is a collection of detailed information about more than 300,000 academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more. It is particularly ... read more

How do I make an appointment with a librarian for individual research help?

241 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Nov 18, 2020    Help Consultation Research

Research & refererence librarians are happy to meet with you via Zoom by appointment. Consultations last anywhere between 30-50 minutes. You can schedule directly off of our calendar links below to find a time that works best for you Monday-Friday between 9-5pm.  Book an appointment with:  Ekaterini Papadopoulou (Kenmore Campus, Library Director) Susan Banks (Kenmore Campus, Senior Librarian) Zem... read more

How do I find a specific journal?

238 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 09, 2020    Research Full text article

To see if the Library has a journal in print, or online in one of our electronic databases, start at the library homepage. Near the top center of the page, locate the Journals tab.  The default search is "Title begins with". To find a specific Journal, change the default setting to "Title Equals" and type your search in to the box on the right.    Click on the link to the database with the date ... read more

How can I get an article that I can't find in full text?

230 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Oct 21, 2021   

Below are two suggestions for finding the full text. If the article isn't available, submit an Article Request Form.The process takes 3 to 5 days.  To maximize the full text available from the library, always run your searches from the library homepage databases tab. When you're searching remotely, you will need to sign in using your central BU login (the one you use for email and Canvas etc.). A ... read more

How do I change my password?

186 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 02, 2021    Full text password Off campus access

There are two username/passwords that the library uses. There is a username and password for the library catalog, where you search for and request books for pick-up:    Your account is set up with your standard BU username and password but if you change your central BU password, it doesn't change for the library catalog too! You can re-set your password for Koha usi... read more

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